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"We don't give excuses—Only solutions"

Quality Counts

First impressions count. They count for your business and they count for your home.

First impressions count for us, too. And we understand that a positive first impression is no accident. It’s a result of a commitment to quality—a commitment we share with you.

With DF Painting, your professional painting job will be done right—the first time. Foundational prep work and  high quality paint product is of utmost importance to us. We’ll spend the time giving you quality work even where we know you won’t see it. Because we know the difference. And we know what lasts.

Promises Matter

We understand that nothing is more frustrating than a painting job that runs on and on. At DF Painting, we are committed to delivering your paint job when we say we will. We’ll use the products we promise and get your painting project completed on bid.

Looks Kill

We want you to be proud of your choice in painting contractors. DF Painting holds its crew to a high standard of cleanliness and presentation. While on the job, our crew will be professional, clean and in uniform. 

Communication Works

We’ll not go absent on your job. DF Painting takes pride in building relationships and being responsive to our clients. When you contact us, we’ll answer.

At DF Painting, our name and long-term reputation means everything. We are here to walk you through your most challenging painting needs, whether it’s a residential exterior paint job, custom brand mural, furniture refinish or large commercial painting project.

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