Waterproofing your Home with Elastomeric

Ever notice a white chalky material on your stucco or brick? This is called efflorescence and it is caused by moisture drawing salts out of the stucco or brick wall material underneath it and depositing it on the surface. Some of the possible places the moisture can get in is through cracks, broken wall caps, open chimneys, gaps where trim meets the stucco or even too much moisture inside in bathrooms and kitchens. In rainy Redding, CA exterior walls that are exposed to wind driven rain are particularly vulnerable to moisture buildup. Left untreated these moisture damaged walls can be quite costly to repair.

Stained kitchen cabinets painter

If you have discovered efflorescence on your stucco or retaining walls your first call should be to DF Painting. We will inspect the surfaces to find the cause of the moisture and make a detailed plan to caulk, prime, re-texture and seal as needed to eliminate the where the moisture is coming from. We use Elastomeric wall coatings (EWC) to waterproof and seal the surface. EWC’s are an exterior acrylic latex masonry paints designed that are applied in very thick films (about 10 times as thick as regular paints); they are tough and very flexible. This flexibility allows the material to stretch as cracks underneath open and close, this bridges the cracks and keeps water out while maintaining a nice finished appearance. They can be tinted to a light color. If you need a dark color a regular latex paint can be used for a top coat.

The EWC will only effectively work on hairline cracks so cracks more than 1/16" should be caulked with an elastomeric caulk. Applications are usually at about 50 - 60 square feet/gallon, (traditional latex paint covers 300 sq. ft.) and two coats should be applied. The crack bridging capability is related to film thickness. At DF Painting we adhere to a procedure of application to ensure we have applied the EWC at proper mil thickness.

When applied properly, Elastomeric is the best solution to waterproof your home and protect your investment. We offer a 10 year warranty on all of our waterproofing, Elastomeric paint jobs.

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