Wood Cabinet Re-finishing in Redding, Red Bluff and Chico

Beautiful looking wood cabinets can make the look of your kitchen, den living room or study. As your cabinets age and start to look faded and dull it is time to have us re-finish them for you. Our years of experience have taught us the proper way to remove the old finish, stain and seal your cabinets so they will look new and alive again. We are experts in working with all kinds of cabinet finishes like oil base paints. Latex base paints, lacquer, polyurethane and varnish. Finish sheens come in satin, semi-gloss and gloss. We have worked with virtually every type of wood cabinets can be made of these include: oak, hickory, cherry, ash, maple, birch and many other types of woods..

Removing the Old Finish

There are many ways to remove the existing finish on your old cabinets. Sanding with traditional sand paper is the tried and true method as is steel wool. New materials such as soft abrasive pads made by 3M are very popular now. For some jobs using a chemical stripper is called for. We use all of these methods as needed. Depending on the condition of the wood either partial stripping via traditional sanding or a complete strip by chemicals will be needed. We will inspect the surface and explain to you which method we will use. During this prep period we also fill any holes or blemishes as needed to ensure the uniform look of your cabinets.

Stained kitchen cabinets painter


Now that you have decided to re-finish your cabinets choosing the right stain color is very important. Perhaps you would like to keep the same color, however this is the perfect time to change the color and the whole look of the room. As a rule, it is easier and more economical to go from light to dark cabinets. If you wish to go lighter on the stain color it will generally require more of the existing stain to be removed from the surface. When we re-stain your cabinets all existing surfaces not receiving stain are taped and tarped to keep everything clean neat until we complete the job.

Sealing and Finishing

The next and final step is to seal the cabinets to protect them from water, fingerprints, oil dirt and to protect the stain color. To ensure a quality long lasting job we always apply more than one coat. A light sanding is done between each coat and sticky tack clothes and vacuums are used to remove the dust. We use varnish and polyurethane, lacquer and shellac to seal wood cabinets. All of these finishes look better and last longer when at least two coats are applied. Varnish is a softer finish and is used mainly on surfaces that are subject the elements. The softer material allows for expansion and contraction is hot and cold weather. This is why you hear of boats using Marine Varnish. Urethanes are basically specially formulated liquid plastics. This material is very commonly used for surfaces that take a lot of abuse. Countertops, bar tops and hand railings are some of the surfaces we use polyurethane on. Shellac is used to give the wood a carmel or amber coloring. Lacquer is used to finish most cabinets. It is a two part system: First, a sanding sealer is applied, sanded and then the lacquer is applied. Lacquers are thinned allowing for multiple thin coats, creating a beautiful and protective finish that will make your cabinets look beautiful and last for many years.

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